How to Sell Heavy Duty Dog Cages for Maximum Brand Influence and Profit

How to Sell Heavy Duty Dog Cages for Maximum Brand Influence and Profit

Do you have a heavy-duty dog cage for sale? If not, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to make more money and increase your brand’s influence.

A heavy-duty dog cage is perfect for those who have large dogs that need plenty of space to move around. Not only are they great for keeping your pet safe and secure, but they can also be a valuable marketing tool. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of selling heavy-duty dog cages and provide tips on how to do it successfully.

What is a heavy-duty dog crate?

A heavy-duty dog cage is a type of cage that is designed for large dogs. It is made of durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. It is important to choose a heavy-duty dog cage if you have a large dog, as it will provide him with plenty of space to move around.

The typical heavy-duty dog cage is made up of the following parts:

  • The frame – This is the part of the cage that is made of metal and is responsible for holding the other parts together.
  • The door – This is the part of the cage that your pet will use to enter and exit. It should be strong and sturdy so that it can withstand repeated use. A heavy-duty dog cage typically has two doors – one on the top and one on the front. This allows your pet to enter and exit the cage easily.
  • The mesh – This is the part of the cage that allows your pet to see and breathe easily. It should be made of a tough material that can withstand claws and teeth.
  • The tray – This is the part of the cage that catches any messes your pet makes. It should be easy to clean and made of durable material.

Comparison of heavy-duty dog cages and other cages

The most common types of dog cages are the heavy-duty dog cage, the wire dog cage, the plastic dog cage, and the wooden dog cage. In this section, we will compare these four types of cages in terms of durability, price, and portability.


A heavy-duty dog cage can withstand a lot of weight, making it the perfect option for large dogs. If you have a dog that weighs more than 75 pounds, then you will need a heavy-duty dog cage. The other three types of cages are suitable for smaller pets.

Service life

A heavy-duty dog cage can last for many years if it is well-maintained. It is typically made of metal square tube, which is stronger than iron wire, ABS, and normal wood.

Scope of use

A heavy-duty dog cage is more versatile than the other three types of cages and can be used for a wider range of purposes. It is perfect for large dogs that need plenty of space to move around, but it can also be used for smaller pets. The wire dog cage, the plastic dog cage, and the wooden dog cage are all designed for smaller pets. Additionally, it features heavy-duty caster wheels for easy transport.

How can you increase your brand power by selling heavy-duty dog crates?

Product quality should be guaranteed

When selling heavy-duty dog cages, it is important to ensure that the quality of the product is up to par. The quality of products from large factories is generally reliable. There are a few things you can do to ensure that the cages you sell are of high quality:

Only buy from reputable manufacturers.

Check the reviews before making a purchase.

Inspect the cages before selling them.

Offer a warranty or guarantee on the products you sell.

There are different selling points from other sellers, not simply to spelling price

The selling point of this product is that it’s not just about the price. Tracking down unique selling points can be difficult, but if you take a look at what makes our company different from other vendors then your products will really stand out in their class!

There are several options you can use to differentiate your product.

  • Spray your product in different colors. For this product, black is the most common on the market, you can try to have the factory sprayed with silver flowers on a black background, which not only enhances the aesthetics of the product but also differentiates it.
  • Try to increase the number of doors. After changing the number of doors to 3, the unit price of the product remains basically the same, but consumers will have the illusion of taking advantage of this cage after buying it.
  • Change the shape of the top. The top of the cage is usually flat, you can try to make it into a sloped shape. This will not only increase the sense of design but also save space when placing the cage. You can try it round if possible as well.

Adding brand logos to products

Adding a brand logo to the product is also a very good way to increase brand influence. According to statistics, products with logos can increase awareness by 22%, so you should definitely consider adding your brand logo to your dog crate.

Add a unique video of the product on the web page

If you want to increase the conversion rate of website visitors to buyers, you can try adding a unique video of the product to the page. A well-made video can really showcase the features and benefits of your product in a way that photos and text cannot match.

You can go to communicate with the factory and let them give you inspiration. For example, the manufacturing process of the product, the raw material of the product, the maintenance and care of the product, etc.

How to get the most profit by selling heavy-duty dog crates?

Reduce the rate of customer complaints to ensure sales

The first step to take is to lower the customer complaint rate and ensure sales.

As mentioned earlier, ensuring the quality of the product is very important. You should also make sure that the cages you sell are easy to assemble and disassemble. Additionally, it is important to provide excellent customer service. If a customer has a problem with a cage, you should make sure that it is resolved in a timely manner. Contact your supplier if you run into questions that you can’t answer.

Adding shelf life to products

Keeping your product safe and secure is our number one priority. That’s why we offer a warranty on all of the products in order to eliminate some unnecessary hassle for you!

Buy in bulk and get the lowest price

If the market research after indicates that you can predict your sales, try to negotiate a year-long contract with the factory and get the lowest price. Save more money this way.

Believe me, you can always get a discount on the price offered by the factory, whether it is high or low. The prerequisite is that you have to pay something, like an order plan for the whole year.

Additional sales of peripheral products

A dog crate can have many additional products, as you can see in the below article.


Running a promotion is a great way to increase sales. You can offer discounts, coupons, or free shipping to customers who purchase your cages. You can also run a contest or giveaway on social media to generate interest in your products.

Specific example

When we first started our business, the orders for heavy dog cages were sporadic at best. But one day, we met Alex at a trade show. He ran several physical stores in the United States that specialized in pet supplies. Since our product categories were similar, he decided to sit down and chat with us.

At first, he wasn’t too confident about the heavy dog cages, but when we proposed making them in different colors, he was willing to give it a try.

Although sales didn’t pick up immediately, they gradually increased over time until Alex was selling nearly 10 units per month. Four years ago, Alex also started his own e-commerce business and our heavy dog cages were a big part of his success story.


There you have it! These are some tips on how to sell heavy-duty dog cages for maximum brand influence and profit. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to increase your sales and gain more customers. Thanks for reading! We hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us directly. We’ll be happy to help!

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