About Us

Cagesilo is a large pet cages manufacturer with four plants, 600,000 sm workshop, and over 300 workers.

We have 15 years of manufacturing experience in China and worked with many large customers in the US and European.

Cagesilo has different types of pet cages for all your needs including dog crates, cat enclosures, ferret habitats, rabbit hutches, bird cages, hamster habitats, etc.

We have successfully exported to more than 50 countries around the world catering to individual customers’ requirements.

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What actually we do

Metal Cages

Iron wire, iron pipe, galvanized pipe, stainless steel

Wooden Cages

Highly environmentally friendly New Zealand fir wood

Plastic Cages

Pure plastic, plastic plus metal, plastic plus other materials

My Cages Store

2007 - James

The first small workshop

In 2007, I opened a metal processing factory to meet the needs of my friend James.

We help to produce mainly pet-related products here at this plant and it’s been going great!

2007 - James

2010 - Venture

The first real factory

After three years of hard work and an impeccable track record with James, he suggested that I open my own factory to go along with the customer production.

With this new venture in mind for myself, it was time to take on a more formal approach–set up a real factory!

2010 - Venture

2012 - Baig

Sales skyrocketing

I was fortunate to meet Baig at a trade show in 2012. His e-commerce business was on the rise in the U.S. We had great communication and quickly set up an order for the next year.

His choice proved to be the right one, and with the quality and price of our metal dog crates, our sales doubled several times over the next few years.

2012 - Baig

2017 - International sales team

The third branch factory

By 2017, I had opened my third branch factory, and at the same time established a foreign trade department and set up my own international sales team.

2017 - International sales team

2021 - The fourth


Gradually, the competition started to become fierce and I started to think about how to give myself an even greater advantage.

It just so happened that I had several branch factories, so why not transform into a manufacturer that could produce dog crates in a variety of materials?

So I got into action, purchased various machines and equipment, and within a year enriched my product line.

God always favors people who are willing to think and work hard. My thinking was not wrong, and our sales grew year by year.

Finally, in 2021, I opened my fourth branch factory.

2021 - The fourth

2022 - Keep on going

Fighting the epidemic

In 2022, the epidemic was still severe and shipping prices kept climbing.

In order to overcome the difficulties with our customers, we made several different concessions.

But our bottom line is that we will never relax in the three aspects of price, delivery time and quality!

2022 - Keep on going

Guideline of Evergreen

How big your business depends on how much you can help others.

Since my first factory, we have followed this guideline in doing business with our customers.

Pet cages have always been a very popular product, and what we offer is a range of different material pet cages to enrich our customer’s product line.

Mr. Deng Jiang

CEO of Cagesilo Team

Capture the market of pet cage fields?

There is a lot of pet cage retailing websites that only put up one or two kinds they think will make them money.

But our site offers you the chance for an entire ensemble, and before your customers leave your site–they’ll always pick out their favorite!

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